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Great Stuff. Awesome animation from everyone and some hilarious jokes

I had to go log back into my old newgrounds account after watching this. This was incredible. Amazing animation and some extremely funny jokes. It gave me so much nostalgia from this site

Of Teh Hook

Your animation is both amazingly good and funny. It freaked me out tho after the octopus. Wen i saw the octopus i was like "Oh no, not another Wilem Park tentacle rape again" but it was much worse :l neway good work and good luck with your animation future

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You honstly need to tone it down. i've replayed it like 20 times and each time i'm killed by the throwing knife. i've gone in all directions but she still gets me. Maybe change the throwing distance of them or something


My brother told me about this game after he played it so I thought i wold have a turn. But the only thing that happened after the loading was a man and little girl sleeping at the park. What I read is that there is no replay feature which is stupid because not every family has a computer for each family member. I just want you to know I was unable to play this because you were being too dramatic with a game

God Bless You

I thought you had given up with newgrounds but when i saw this I was very pleased. Cheers Boi

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Was listening and nearly creamed!

This was a really great job you did here. I was listening for ages not knowing you made this with a tear in my eye and saw that it was you JAZZA that made this. You are not only talented in animating, voice acting and singing as well. Congrats to you. Your everything i hope to become when I'm a bit older

Oh Lawdy Lucifer

This is actually pretty cool like if a tv series or something. Hopefully adult swim will re look there thought

Thank You!

I was lookin for music of this song on here for ages. I was typing in Megaman 3 gameover

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this is really cool. is it based off of lost planet or something?


No, i reckon it'll be funnier if the babies there during the fight. And it gets like blown up when hadukin is used :) This is pretty impressive. I think Guiles like the only person I've never played with on Street Fighter. Isnt he like american or sumthing? His name doesnt sound very amerian tho????? CONSPIRACY!


I'd love to press her buttons.

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